Very few people show exemplary courage, conviction and character, when they leave the beaten path and secured life and take the off beat route, to create the world of their own. We call them extraordinary. They set their own benchmarks and try to eclipse their own success, with greater degree of new accomplishments. How? because they know, how to use their own inherent divine qualities. They break the shackles of conventional life and set in pursuit of new knowledge. They find new avenues and new opportunities, only because of their committed efforts and self-belief. Life for them is never so easy, as others think. In fact, it is far tougher and at times,volatile. It is even subject to derision and contempt.

We see many such examples of Indian saints, seers and philosophers, who, with their thoughts, vision, knowledge and personal conduct, have encrypted their name in the golden pages of history. Even in today's world, we see great personalities, who use their inherent divine attributes to optimum extent and work for the cause of humanity. Their preachings cast a divine influence on the others. These people make an everlasting impact in the annals of times. People laud their phenomenal deeds and acknowledge their legendary efforts in making this world, most creative, beautiful and blissful. They contribute to the cause of humanity, through different methods and different directions. But their efforts ultimately come only to one destination, where the world is full of peace, prosperity and unconditional love, with no place to hatred and enimity.

Let's have a closer look to such a towering personality and a living legend; Dr. Sunil Shashikant Kale, alias Doctorsaheb, who himself has transformed his life to the divine stature. Let's try to know how His Holiness Doctorsaheb, through his preachings and 'karma-siddhanta' doctrine promoted by the Bhagwadgeeta, is striving to bring up similar transformation into millions of other people.

Upcoming Energy Sessions

Program Date:- 1st May 2014 Program Venue:- Vishandas Bhave Natyavidya Mandir, Harbhat Road, Sangli – 416416 Time:- 10:30am For tickets contact:- 9422407589, 9545509789, 9326193048, 9764160038

Aham Bramhasmi

Program Date:- 27th April 2014 Program Venue:- Dayanand Sabhagruha, Dyayanand College, Barshi Road, Latur- 413512 Program Time:- 10:30am For Tickets contact - 9970949204, 9730975221


DATE :- 13th April 2014 VENUE :- Kantai Sabhagruha, Near New Busstand, Gandhi Nagar, Jalgaon TIMINGS :- 10.30 A.M. Contact for Tickets: 9225223338, 8390000233

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